where photographers build and grow

Your photographs now have a home or should we say a (HOMEPAGE). Xpagefy's award-winning site builder now allows you to create stunning websites and showcase your work without being heavy on your wallet. We'll talk about that later

Whether you are a wedding photographer or an everyday lifestyle photographer there is a market for creativity and you are in it. Let your work shine. You can promote your photographs like a pro and we'll show you how

1. Identify Your Niche

You are not to photography what Walmart is to retail stop trying to please everyone. Build your audience by knowing who likes your images, who your typical customer is and what they like. You will quickly learn that 80% of your interaction comes from 20% of the people you market to. This 20% is your customer. They are who you can call the client. Even a wedding photographer needs to profile her/his customer. Not everyone getting married is looking for a photographer with your specific skill set. We could not stress more, Know your customer.

The Social Media

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. What more can we say? Instagram is your best friend and you know it better than anyone else by now. So what new can we possibly tell you? Well, 1 big mistake most photographers make is not having a cohesive online presence. Post your best work online. Your potential client does not need to see all 102 photos of your last wedding assignment, all they need to see is your best work even if it means just 1. Let your website showcase a case study or how your work brought joy to the couple but let your Instagram account showcase your best of the best. The idea is to attract your customers on Instagram and convert them to clients on your website.

Last by not the least - A web presence is imperative

We are not here to sell the xpagefy platform but choosing the right platform can make your work shine. from hundreds of themes available, it gets very challenging to choose the right theme. But when you realize there is no right or wrong theme, there is only the one that calls out your name, life becomes good again. Call us old fashion but we still believe in following your instinct. chose the one that speaks to you.