The Art of Websiting

(An internal term coined that expresses the act of building a website, which includes the whole process of planning, prepping and building a website)

The Prep

Preparing before you actually build your website is important. While you’re already visualizing your website in your head, it's important that you also focus on parts that may not seem too important like content and keywords. Below are tips on how you can plan and build your successful website. Note the below are in order of preparation


Plan your content, It’s advisable to ensure to your first research "keywords" your target audience normally use keywords to search for your service online and these keywords you want to know much ahead of building your website. This can be done by looking up Google trends and other similar websites. Once you have your top list of keywords start writing your content. Visualise your website on a word documents jotting down the number of pages you want.

Home – Page

The content on this home page is similar to taglines that give your readers a quick gist of what you do and what your services are. For example, the below home page tells you what we do in a gist.

You now may now want to identify other pages that your website will have. Such as pricing of the service you offer, “About us” or “what we do” This page is an important part of your website. The content on this page should explain in full detail the service you offer and what you do. There is where you try and incorporate the keywords that were initially identified. Continue to identify content and where your keywords fit in.


We’re not going to get into much of logo creations and how to go about doing this however we will say this, do ensure your logo is clean and catchy. Also, a crisp clean tag line to go with your logo could do the trick of grabbing your audience’s attention.

Color Themes

Each of our themes is efficiently colour coordinated to give you a professional look If you have already chosen your colours you are free to change, mix and match the colours as you like on your chosen theme.

Tip: let your colours coordinate with your logo

Now go ahead and log in to your xpagefy account. Assuming you have chosen your prefered package, Identify a theme that grabs your attention. To make it easier we have prebuilt multiple websites categorising them under each industry they best fit in, Called themes. These themes make it easy for you to change the existing sample content to the content you wrote and of course, the pages you want to add or edit.

Social Media and other Essentials

It’s important you choose the right social media platform to showcase your business and service. While most businesses chose to create every social media account there is available some may or may not be the right fit. Identify your fit and chose your social media platform. Don’t forget the other details such as contact us, phone numbers and email addresses and always ensure to display your business address on your website. These little factors help create trust between your audience and your business.

Take Away

A website defines your online reputation, nothing new about that, what’s new is it does not have to cost you your peace of mind or a large portion of your budget anymore. No more depending on someone else or understanding how coding works. With you enjoy building your website without the need to code. We have packed our platform with so much coding that all you need to do is click, edit and save your work. Oh and yeah don’t forget to hit the publish button when you're happy to show off your awesome website to the world.