I am a Photographer, Not a Web Developer


The art is the blend and we’ll tell how

Yes, You heard me, I am not a web developer. Said every frustrated photographer starting out. The art is the blend and we’ll tell how if you continue reading. You see, It’s the way in which 2 businesses from 2 different industries coexist. As a photographer, it’s important your work is presented to the right audience in the most beautiful way possible. The answer, A shinny happy portfolio, and a display of your best work.

What to look for when deciding to get your own website

Bandwidth, Themes, and Pricing. While there are a lot more features you’d like, these 3 are the bare minimum requirement your website must offer. Let’s look at them one by one


Why is this the first feature you look for? Unlike any other occupation, photography is a bandwidth-heavy profession. High-resolution images are key to outstanding pictures. What does this mean? You need a website that is capable of carrying the load. To put it in simple terms if your website is filled with your best pictures and does not have the bandwidth it needs, it’s going to take forever to load giving your potential client a reason to get back on google search. We’d like to put down what bandwidth size you should look for but that’s not going to help, what you need is unlimited bandwidth, Period.


You’re not in the restaurant business or a law firm tucked away in the city, not that there's anything wrong with that but photography is a display of artwork and your theme must compliment that. Themes make all the difference when trying to get your message across. The focus is on photography and not so much as a solution to a problem, let your theme portray that. Themes also make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your website letting them find what they need. Like your latest work, your contact information and your pricing if you have them displayed. The platform you choose must have themes catered to the photography business. Look at these for example.


Let’s face it, Photography is one of the most challenging professions out there. The competition is real and repeat business is sporadic. If you are a seasoned photographer making a good living this may not be your concern, however, for those just starting off or still struggling to make it, every penny counts. The options, learn to code or find a DIY platform. DIY platforms are the more obvious route. The problem, they are expensive if you want any decent bandwidth at all.

The Shameless Pitch